saint maurice

mauriceJourneys and hypnosis. DJ Saint Maurice plays music that moves people, literally and figuratively. He weaves together obscure yet relevant music from the past, essential classics, and contemporary tracks that blaze new trails in art and culture. His sets are a wild ride through the musical landscape of dance (acid, electro, techno) and psychedelic, ritual, experimental, industrial, dark ambient music.

His musical taste and philosophy were initially influenced by Detroit techno artists such as Drexciya, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood and Carl Craig and later refined by avant-garde artists such as Throbbing Gristle, Esplendor Geometrico, Coil and Unit Moebius. Like these artists, DJ Saint Maurice abandons convention and formulas in favor of authentic creative exploration. His sets are rife with flagship music that reflect both the deeply personal and the universal; he delivers a challenge to and a catharsis for the mind and body.

As a producer, Saint Maurice has released several tracks and remixes via the avant-garde label Enfant Terrible, and more have been announced for 2016. He also releases music under different monikers, such as Neugeborene Nachtmusik and Milligram Retreat in the past. 2015 saw Saint Maurice playing at several forefront Berlin venues such as About Blank (Homophatik), Suicide Circus (Rituals), and Griessmühle (Mechatronica).

Performance: DJ (vinyl/CD)


vanityA shining new light illuminates the gloomy nights. A light that will guide us to a new dawn. Three young gods have come from a world far away to revitalize the night. These divine men have brought sounds from beyond the stars and will take you on an intergalactic journey of time and space. Be touched by these princes of energy, love and heat. This is beauty. This is style. This is ego. This is VANITY!

Performance: DJ (vinyl/CD/digital)

milan hermess

Milan Hermess has sculptured his sound to get people to move; it’s always the audience he has in mind when selecting his tracks. Not limiting himself to certain genres, he swings from soulful house to 90`s electro and from naughty italo disco to melodic techno; anything to make you dance. An emerging talent in the Berlin club scene, he has played in a premier clubs such as Griessmühle, Prince Charles and Chalet in the past year.

Performance: DJ (vinyl)

the owl

Black Owl booking is a Berlin-based booking agency, offering fine electronic music in various shapes and sounds.